I am Ralph Lindsen, cinematographer and photographer based in the Netherlands.

My photography is almost exclusively on film (35mm, 6x7 medium format and 7x7 peel apart film). I choose film because both the process and the results resonate with me in a way unsurpassed by the alternatives.  

The majority of my photographs have been taken at random moments in my life; walking the streets, being with friends, working on sets etcetera. I rarely go out without a camera.

However I am also engaging in portrait photography and projects, the latest being Project Sweat. A series where I photograph artists right before and after their performance. Have a look at 'Projects' to see what I'm working on. At 'work' you'll see a selection of what I've done.  

Although this website for the moment is focused on my photography, you'll find film and video work of me here

If you wish to contact me, you can mail me at RalphLindsen@gmail.com