Showreel Ralph Lindsen Mei 2018
Helden in het bedrijfsleven - Fontys Hogescholen

Promo film for a course at the Fontys colleges in the Netherlands

Promo 'Down By Law' by Marco Reekers

Trailer/commercial for a stage play about young former delinquents.  Done with very restricted time and budget. 

Client: Stichting Ideefix
Director: Marco Reekers
Producer: Zwart Glas
Edit: Médard Vriend
Concept: Marco Reekers en Ralph Lindsen
DoP: Ralph Lindsen
Gaffer: Daan Bothof
Technical assistent: Douglas Pluylaar
Music: Dante van de Zouwe
Sounddesign: Felix Pulmano

Black and white commercial

A webcommercial I shot for a financial institution. 

Marianne Thieme I Interviewseries Stemmen of Slikken

A series of interviews by Peter Vlemmix about the Ukraine referendum that took place in the Netherlands. Working in a studio setting, I used symmetrical placement of my lights and bounce-boards to created both the set where the shoot took place and the directional, yet soft light set-up I wanted. 

Client: Burgercomité EU
Director, producer and edit: Peter Vlemmix
Director of Photography: Ralph Lindsen

Trailer Rotterdam

A quick compilation I made of a larger project I made with 33a Collective, a group of freelancers I'm part of who often join forces for bigger productions. ( This was made for a container terminal company. 

Piet Grouls - Architechten van Mourik

In coorparation with CtrlSpatie
Client: Forbo
Director: Marc Smits
Producer: CtrlSpatie
Edit: Marc Smits
Concept: Marc Smits en Ralph Lindsen
Director of photography: Ralph Lindsen

2017 Puur Taalschool

A film about the kids at a language school in Utrecht. Expats, refugees, kids from all kinds of backgrounds in one school. 

New Candys - Overall

Music video for Italian psych band New Candys. Shot with director Jordy Tempelman (

Proefverlof - Shortfilm segment

Segment of a shortfilm I shot.